Service & Repair

At Nice Ride Inc we are committed to FIVE important considerations in all of the work we do for our customers: 
  1. Your Safety 
  2. Reliability 
  3. Experienced Technicians 
  4. Protecting Your Investment 
  5. Communication and Customer Service
  • These are guiding principles in all the services we provide.  


Mileage Maintenance Plan Up to 20,000

  • Regular Oil Service: $265.99
  • Synthetic Oil Service: $289.99

*Mileage Maintenance Plan Over 20,000 May Require Additional Labor / Parts Cost.

*If you have a current factory warranty or an extended service plan, please provide information so we can contact the company and make sure they will cover the service & repair. 


In addition to the service and repair we do on a daily basis on Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles, we provide a number of common maintenance services for our customers, including: 

  • Safety Inspections 
  • Buyers Inspection Services 
  • Engine Upgrades (Harley Davidson Only)
  • Tires 
  • Brakes 
  • Electrical Diagnostics (Harley Davidson Only)
  • And many other services 


  • We use Dunlop, Metzeler, Michelin, Pirelli and Avon for most Harley Davidson & Indian Models depending on your preference.  
  • Buy your tires from us or bring your own (new only) and we will mount & balance for $80 per tire (Dismount from motorcycle included) or $40 per carry in. 

Motorcycle Battery

  • We stock Deka Batteries (1 Year Warranty) 
  • Battery test (free) 

Brake Services

  • It is recommend having a yearly flushing and bleeding of your brake system for all Harley Davidson & Indian models. Harley Davidson states that every two years, brake fluid must be flushed. Do to our experience with the amount of condensation in Florida, we recommend a yearly flush.  

Brake Caliper Service

  • Disassemble brake calipers, clean pistons to improve brake pedal feel and all around ride. You may notice that your brake pedal and brake handle are too close to your grip or your brakes feel spongy. Motorcycle brakes not working or have poor performance. 

Fork Service (Harley Davidson Only)

  • Fork oil is the most neglected fluid in your bike. Harley’s old recommendation was to change every 10K miles, they now says to change every 40K. What’s changed? Nothing, nothing has really changed in the Harley Davidson fork system. We recommend every 20K! When we change at 40K the fluid is contaminated and black and wears the internal fork components. 
  • We disassemble and drain fork tubes, clean and refill forks with heavy duty fork oil.  


  • Slipping, burning or hard to pull, it might be time for a new clutch or maybe it’s just out of adjustment.  
  • Stop in for a diagnostic $45.00 or we will check it at no charge when you have your regular scheduled service.