Shipping & Policies

***Before you click on the BUY IT NOW, please give me a call so I can explain the process of buying a bike on-line, paperwork and any additional information you may require to get them registered in your state or country.***

If you are interested in any bikes for sale or other items for sale and would like to know how much it will cost to ship to your front door then call or email me. I have sold over 1,000 motorcycles world wide since 2005 and 9 out of 10 of my bikes leave the state of Florida so my experience has some merit. Please see the list of recommended shippers both for the US and exporting around the world below.

Here are shipping companies that deliver in the USA and have done great job for my customers over the last 15 years plus: - All USA

Jay-(FL-NE) - 267-506-9339 - All USA

Mach 1 Transport- Jerry – 612-483-2900 ( California-Florida


Here are websites of shipping companies that deliver all over the world for my out of country buyers:  (all over the world) (All over the world)



Tax will be collected from ALL Florida residents. If you are from out of state and driving home you will have to pay your state sales tax here. You will also get a paper tag good for 30 days to allow you to drive the motorcycle home. You will get a Florida form DR123 Showing tax paid in Florida and your local tax collector will give you full credit for tax paid in Florida. If the motorcycle is being transported by a licensed ICC carrier there will be no tax collected, but you will still be responsible for sales tax in your home state if a tax exists. I do not charge any extra fee’s for paperwork and misc. things.